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Custom Design Tumblers

We can personalize a Terivs Tumbler for you.

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These Tumblers are tough enough to stand up to dishwasher, freezers, microwaves, and even falls from high places (oops). But, if your Tumbler does break, it will be replaced for you, guaranteed.


If used as directed, this tumbler should last you a lifetime. In the unlikely event that your tumbler fails to stay in one piece from normal use and the occasional fall, the product will be replaced, guaranteed.

Care, Use & Cleaning:

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Contact Keith Lovejoy Photography if you experience any problems.
239-910-6559 (Jody)
239-910-2669 (Keith)

You should only purchase your Custom Design Tumbler ONCE. Which makes this a wonderful item to share as gifts, there are unique and one of a kind.


  • Great for both hot and cold
  • Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Greatly reduces condensation and sweating
  • Fits in most cup holders
  • Made in America
  • 16 oz, 24oz, or 24oz water bottle
  • Travel Lid and Accessories (Sold Separtely)

Tumbler Pricing:

Prices include a tumbler from the choices below, with a design that we create especially for you. We purchase the tumbler from Tervis Tumbler for you and customize it. If you would like a different style tumbler, call us to discuss it at 239-910-2669.

Add 6% Florida sales tax and $10.00 shipping per tumbler If you pick up your tumbler from us, there is no shipping added. Call us for details 239-910-2669